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AC14K 400watt version

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  • AC14K 400watt version

    Hi All~

    Currently I have 250w AC14k looks nice but It is a little dim to my

    How about 400watt version? Is it dim too as 250watt?


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    I am wanting to find out aswell on the 400 SE version .. I might try one out.. I know my xm20K SE 400 watt off m59 are much brighter then the 250 DE 14k AC's off HQI... MY buddy uses them and there is no comparison.. I am hoping the 400 watt will deliver brightness aswell as good flouresence and par... I think Brian at fins reef was getting some from Scott maybe on that GB...


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      Hi Vince, my 400W-SE AC14k is running on a standard ballast & is a little dim. My HQI-SE 400W ballasts run the Giesmann 13K & it's a nice white w/o washing-out the color in my corals. Obviously, the AC14K with a HQI ballast will be a little more bright--blue/white in color. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        i"ve been using ac-14k 400w for more then a year and i LOVE it.
        i really like bright/crisp/blue color. i am running them on pfo hqi ballast..
        one big minus.....$$$$$



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          According to Joe Burger and Sanjay's tests, the HQI is the ballast to run this off. (and of course mshur's testimony). I'll be running two of them off PFO HQI ballasts, with some VHO - in Lumenarc III pendants over a 5x2x2 150G tank.

          Both tests are published, I lost the links but I think they're stickied over on RC Lighting forum.


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            aquaconnects on standard ballasts

            Aquaconnects will not fire properly on standard ballasts. If you are not using electronics or hq`s it is better to use a less expensive bulb because you are not getting what you paid for in terms of intensity and spectrum.