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What 10K SE MH Bulbs Are You Using?

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  • What 10K SE MH Bulbs Are You Using?

    Hi All,

    Well think we are now looking at 10k bulbs for our new tank setup.

    We are looking for a crisp white color that will make the color of the fish and colors really jump out and grab the viewer (would Aquaconnect 14k do this)?

    We are running standard magnetic ballasts (Cool Touch) which is our holdup on the Aquaconnect bulbs so now are thinking 10k. We will have 2 VHO tubes on the tank to provide the blue tint.

    What does everyone think I have heard mixed feelings on the 10K XMs....are they white or yellow? Have heard they change over time as well.


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    I'm using 10k ushio 250 watt with an icecap electronic ballast crip white light the bulb produces so far so good with my MH light everything in the tank is doing great.



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      Can you not use the magnetic ballasts with the aquaconnect bulbs? That is what I have and I was going to buy an aquaconnect bulb next week.
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        BLV is slightly bluer than other 10KK bulbs, also consider CV Reeflux.
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          i have a 250w SE XM. i just fired it so no comments for now. (although there is very little yellow, IMO).

          im using standard mag ballast, BTW


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            im using xm se 250 and i think it is ok with atentics but too yellow when ran alone...

            when bulb replacement time comes i will try something else
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              I'm using the 10K Ushios, and 20K EVC all on Blue line e-ballasts. I was using 20K radiums but decided to try the new EVC bulbs out. I have had good results using the mentioned combo. Even before starting the Zeo.
              I had 10K XM's on my lps and softie tank, and they were yellow. I think they also switched spectrum on me and caused a major algae problem. The bulbs were only 6 months old. I now have the 14K EVC bulbs on there. And very pleased with the colors I'm seeing. But thanks to the XM bulbs I may now have to pull the rock and cook it to get rid of all the algae in there. I'll never use those bulbs again. JMO.


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                Thnx. Fonda for bringing up a point that many of us overlook, which is bulb spectrum shifts. Unforunately many of these cheaper MH's apparently do shift & some rather quickly, resulting in more headaches than the cost-savings initially, with coral color fade, nusiance algae growth, etc. Bob
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                  i wouldnt consider my XM yellow. its very white (and bright). maybe its my eyes


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                    I switched from ushio 10k 250watt to BLV 250 watt 10k excelent bulb its a bit bluer than ushio althoug i think it has the same parent company making them both dunno