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What Single Ended MH Bulbs?

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  • What Single Ended MH Bulbs?

    Hi All,

    Just getting ready to take the ZEOvit and BK plunge. Tank is a 150 gallon (72" x 18" x 26" tall). Our lighting setup consists of 2x250 MH, 1x400 MH (center) and 2x110 VHO actinics. Getting ready to do a bulb change and want to know what bulb recommendations you guys would make. We were running 20k XM but want to go the 14k. I know alot of people recommend the Phoenix bulbs but looks like they only come in double ended models. I know there is alot of talk about the new XM 15k any final results...good or bad? I know the ZEOguide says 10k bulbs just not sure I want a tank that white in color.

    Also with the actinic VHOs, do most of you run supplemental bulbs like these or just use MH lighting? Think these should be actinic or a 50/50 bulb?

    Also what light cycle are you using was reading about people using much lower MH lighting 4 hours.


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    From Sanjays testing the XM 15k has a lower par than the XM 20k. If you go with the 10k I would use either the XM 10k or EVC 10k. On my current tank I run 150w 10k de with actinic t5s halides for 7hr but with my new tank I will only run a single 400w EVC 14k for lighting MH for 7hr, maybe add an actinic in the future.

    Tank Specs:60g Cube SPS/Clam tank, ASM G1x Skimmer, DIY ZEOvit Reactor, 1x400w EVC 14k, Marine Life Aquatics CR-250 CaRx (RIP)

    Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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      Are the XM and EVC 10k bulbs more blue then other 10k bulbs? I am planning on going with 14k because I do still want some blue (I think). Would 10k bulbs with actinic VHOs be a better set up?

      I want awesome color with nice growth, that is why I was thinking the 14k bulbs with the 110 actinic VHO....just not sure if this would be still too blue. The current setup of XM 20k and actinic VHOs, everything turned blue.

      Does anyone have tank pics they can show and tell me what lighting is on the tank?

      Opinions/Suggestions appreciated.


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        Why don't you do 2 x 250w 10,000K; 1 x 400w 20,000K; 2x 110w VHO actinic?

        That should be plenty blue and nice and bright
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          Hi Orion -

          Our previous issue was everything that came near the tank turned blue. Do you think that the 2x250 10k and 1x400 20 k would still create this effect?

          Would it be better to go with 2x250 10k and 1x400 12k/14k with 2x110 Actinic/50 50 VHO?

          Our aquascaping is going to be mostly a center mound (under the 400 watt MH) would it be better to make this the 10k bulb and the side 250 MH the higher kelvin bulbs?



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            I have the 20k Helios on my tank with supplement of actinic VHO and it gives a nice color.Chris at RM carries them,any ? give him a call. Brian


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              Tang, with the 10,000K 250 watters your tank will lean more towards white than towards blue, however if you have a center mound under the 400w then the colors won't mix well and you may be better off going with all 14,000K bulbs.

              If you use 14,000K bulbs you wont really need to supplement with actinics, to my eyes that would become too blue.
              400 gallon reef, Bubble King 300, I~Spin, 2 x 10,000K BLV 400W, 2 x 20,000K Radium 400W, 2 x 6,400K Osram 400W, Schuran Jetstream 1, AquaController Pro


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                i love my XM 10k's and th 20k look very nice also
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