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    i nedd to change my old hamilton 14 250 mogul with ice cap electronic ballast bulb recomendation for 75 gallons sps tank my choice blv 10000k ushio -aquaconnet 14 -megacrome13 i need help

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    Definitely look into the Phoenix 14K if you like the 14K look. I had the 14K AquaConnnect and now change to the Phoenix and they are identical. Phoenix is half the price just about.


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      Hi Efrain, & welcome to our forum. I use 400W, HQI ballasts so my recommendation is not typical of your situation, but I give it anyway I do like the 10K BLV above all the 10K's I've ever used. Bob
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        IMO, if you like the 14k look, go with the AC/Pheonix. The blv 10k will be quite yellow to your eye since you are going frome a blue bulb. Also I would look into the EVC tech bulbs. They are a great bulb at a great price

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          Well, I'm assuming you mean 250w SE bulbs right? Look into the XM 10k. Pretty white for a 10k IMO. The AC 14k is pricey and many like the look, but it isn't all that blue at all especially vs the Phoenix/AC 250w DE.
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