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  • Interesting toy

    Hi~ all

    I found it in PA..

    Aqualight 150 Watt HQI Tank Mount Pendant

    Hang-on tank HQI metal halide fixture

    150 watt 20,000K double-ended HQI metal halide lamp

    External HQI metal halide ballast with on/off switch, 12-foot lamp cord and 6-foot power cord

    Sleek, anodized black-aluminum housing with ventilation grill

    Highly-polished reflector

    Built-in cooling fan

    Glass HQI lens cover

    Heavy-duty mounting bracket

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    I saw this too and it sparked and interest. Anyone use one yet?


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      does it come with ballast?
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        yes it does


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          Saw this on a setup at my lfs it looks pretty cool

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          Not sure yet.....Build Thread to come!


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            too expensive for a single MH bulb setup.


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              I've seen them, they are perfect for nano tanks.
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                This sparked some interest for me as well. I want 20K though I am not wanting to add a 3rd pendant to my system but I would love to add a lower wattage(150w would be okay) 20K light...I don't think the amount of "reach" would work for my setup though. The tank is 24" wide (front to back) and I would need it to extend 10"-12" out over the tank, it looks like it may only go 5-6". I can only mount it to the overflow back wall as I have a eurobrace design, another issue. It may work though, hmmmm...I wonder how it would look with the mini pendants hanging to either side and above it? I wonder how much noise the internal fan makes? I don't need fans since I am going to have a completely open top. I got really sick of the din of canopy fans on my old tank. I also wonder how high it sits up over the water. I didn't notice height measurements. Some things to find out...price is a bit steep, but lighting isn't cheap