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Anyone still buying Aqua Connects?

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  • Anyone still buying Aqua Connects?

    Just curious of anyone is still buying AC's? Did Phoenix kill their sales? I guess you can say that AC messed up when they sold their bulbs with the label, "Made for AC" or whatever the label said. They would of made some good profit off of the Phoenix bulb. Good bulbs indeed and it seems like these are becoming the main alternate choice. Im about to replace my AC with a Phoenix. We will see what happens.

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    Well, Ed, it's a moot point, b/c the AC bulbs were in such low supply anyways....
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      I maybe in the minority here but I tried the Phoenix 250 DE bulb and did not like it. I actually broke down and sold my 250 watt DE setup. I replaced it with a 400 watt Radium setup. Much better IMO. I am finally happy with the color of light in my tank.


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        you should try the 400W ACs

        Seriously, if you can stomach the price, they are whiter than the DE ACs or Radiums, and people have reported better sps coloration than with the Radiums. The Radiums only have about 6 months of useable life (on HQI ballasts) The ACs should give you 9 months, or so.

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