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  • Your opinion about my lighting option

    I currently run a 250watt MH 10K Ushio bulb with some actinic supplementation. I have been somewhat happy with it but the bulb dosen't do much for the blue and purple corals in my tank (they don't color up that well). I am going to switch MH bulbs here pretty soon and was wondering if most of you would either switch to a XM 10K bulb or on of the 14 K bulbs. I want to keep the growth I am experiencing but I am just not happy with the way my Ushio colors up my corals.
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    Brad I see lots of people who are happy with the Aqua Connect bulbs. I personally have run Hamilton 14K's and just recently switched to Phoenix 14K's. I have always like the Hams but have not got the growth I would like. A buddy of mine runs AC's and gets great growth, I can not afford them so I went to the next thing inline.

    Personally I can not tell a difference between the Phoenix and Hamilton.

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      The XM 10k's put out quite a bit more PAR than the Ushios, so if anything it would help your coral growth (once acclimated). But, I don't think you would see a drastic improvement in the color. The XM's are definitely whiter than the Ushios, but nowhere near as blue as a 14k. Now if you switched to the XM's and maybe added more actinic supplementation, you might be able to get what you are looking for and still keep good growth. I supplement my XM's with 2 VHO actinics and 2 T5 Blue+ bulbs, and overall I think the color is very nice, but maybe not quite as nice as some of the higher K tanks I've seen.

      What ballast are you using? That can be an important factor in this equation as well. If you are running your Ushios on standard magnetic or even electronic ballasts, then one option would be to switch to the AC or Phoenix bulbs and run them on HQI ballasts. The HQI ballasts would make up for a lot of the PAR you lose from switching to the higher K bulb, so you might break even and get the color you are looking for. That's a pretty expensive option, though, so you might want to try the XM's with more supplementation approach first.