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About lighting different K bulb in a day.

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  • About lighting different K bulb in a day.

    Hi~ all~~~

    If the lighting schedule is...

    10K or 65K on 12AM and Off 8PM
    20K or 14K on 8PM and OFF 12PM

    Can the coral have stress?

    Is it better one Kelvin Bulb at 12hours for corals?

    just curious....

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    watt wattage MH? I think 12 hr is def overkill really.. I run my t5 and vho's 12 hrs then MH 9 hrs.. I use 4-400 watt 20k for MH also...


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      Of course lighting hours can be reduced..What I wanna know is the change of different
      kelvin can give the stress to SPSs

      You use 4-400watt 20K MH for your great tank...~~~ wow..


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        Hi Vince, I believe your question is "will a coral receiving individual different spectrum/light intensities undergo stress as in bleaching" The quick answer is no, if photo-adaptation to the coral is reasonable & gradual. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Yea I use 4-400 watter plus t5 and vho.. I would not see it being a problem if you properly acclimated your corals to the power of the 65K... I would reverse it though and make the 14K-20K go on for 12 hrs and maybe the 65K-10k go on four 6-8 hrs like a mid day..


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            actually what alot of ppls will do is follow what the natural day... u will have dawn and evening.. where light will be coming in small amt and by noon all the light should be on and slowly reducing in light to have night...

            but your very way of doing it very out... and look strange... and it might stress the fish cause they got lesser time to sleep and rest also..
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