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supp lighting options, comments please..

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  • supp lighting options, comments please..

    so I happen to have ended up with 14k MH over my tank and I'm very happy with the color, however, I would like to bring out more pinks/purples in a couple of corals so I've been thinking again (always dangerous..) and since I have a few odds and ends around the place I'm looking for some opinions...

    I have a 4 x 24w T5 setup with icecap reflectors that I got from Von Digity, and a couple of 70w Aromat 5-EU MH ballasts that I'm considering running 1 or maybe 2 PAR-38 70W MH (6500K), for maybe just 2 hrs / day...

    I'm leaning towards the PAR-38, but I don't seem to have much luck finding bulbs that are priced much under $90... does anyone know a good source for PAR-38 MH bulbs ??

    the T-5 would run a lot cooler, but I think the MH would just be a lot cooler..

    I recently added a fan bar with 4 mag-lev fans on a temp controller, there is room for a couple more so I might need a few more and evap might go up from the 3 - 5% of total tank volume per day it is currently.

    T5 MH ?


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    went with T5 for now, until I find a par-38 bulb. so, a single 6500k 24w T5 between the two 14k MH:


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      Very nice color rendition as it is now . Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        looks good to me too.

        Instead of those Par 38ers.. have you thought about those ushio popstars?


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          thanks Bob, I've never been a fan of low temp bulbs but I'm starting to like the look with the 6500k. the single 24w T5 combined with the icecap reflector puts out an amazing amount of light.

          thanks again for the T5 stuff Von, I had to rewire it so it wasn't quite so ghetto , it works like a charm... not sure about those popstar bulbs, I kind of want the corals to colour up, rather than just having them look a particular colour which I suspect is what the popstar bulbs would do.

          I found some Ushio 75w DE MH bulbs that are 5500K and they only run $30 each so I might try one on either side (for just a few hours a day), eventually.. for now the T5 is doing a pretty good job so I'll wait a bit and see if it makes anything change colour.



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            But Rich, using popstars have one good advantage.. And that is that if you manage to bleach all your corals, you can still have a colorful tank...

            do you want that 10k ushio back. I think it would be yellow enough to give you the effect your looking for... lol.
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              lol Von, I might just pick up a few popstar bulbs and finally get that a.valida to colour up

              I still have a 175w 10K, plus a megechrome 150W 14.5k that looks 10k, so I think I'm set for 10K.. I really want to try something 5500K - 6500K for some silly reason...


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                What did you end up doing skeletort (dude, you seriously need to name a tort after yourself )? Did you ever find a par-38er?


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                  lol von, no skeletort just yet (but you can pickup some skeletor monti the next time you're over), and I never did find a supplier for the ushio EYE bulbs.. I did find a couple of Ushio 5500K for about $28 each so I have a 150w DE and 70w DE on the way to play with.. I swapped out the 14K bulbs on the w/end and now have a 20K XM 150W DE, 10K XM 175W SE plus the 2 x 24w T-5 6500K.. I also ordered a couple of the T-5 ATI Blue Plus bulbs and I can't wait to try them out.

                  I've been thinking about trying a 150DE Radium with the 10K if I can find one at a decent price.


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                    looks good to me